Children's books by MDMaud & DMD

What makes these books special

The stories are written by MD Maud with different ages in mind, from infant to school-aged child and the format of the story reflects the audience.

The magic of the books comes from how the illustrations by DMD bring the stories to life delighting and igniting the imagination of your child.

Each book also has activities that you as the parent can do with your child to improve the learning and fun experience.

When and Where

The first of a series of beautiful children's books by MD Maud and illustrated by DMD will be available for sale from early 2016 from the Amazon Store. The first title is 'The Special and Talented Dog Show'. We are delighted that the book will be available in both paperback and Kindle versions from the Amazon store.

One of the images from 'The Special andTalented Dog Show'

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