Launch date 22 February 2016

22 February 2016 launch date. You can pre-order now by clicking here.

We're so excited to announce the launch date of our first book 'The Special and Talented Dog Show'.

The book is available as a paperback and in Kindle form from

These are comments from a work acquaintance who recently read the book

Thank you so much for giving me a copy of your new book. It took a while to find the time to read it, however, once I started to read, I could not stop.
It is a delightful story! A pleasure to read as an adult and I think children will love both reading it and having it read to them.
I was particularly impressed by the exercises at the end of the book - great for encouraging children to learn.
The illustrations were very 'cute' and very well drawn. All I can say is how impressed I am and hope it's a huge success!

So one last image from the book as a teaser before publication. We hope you love the book and if you do, we would really love it if you could add a review on the Amazon site.

Most of the characters in the book