Lullaby for Crying Babies

I wrote this as a lullaby mothers (and/or fathers) could sing or just recite to their baby when he or she is crying. All babies go through a period of being fussy or crying in the first few months. If it's severe, it's often called colic but I prefer calling it the Period of Purple Crying. You can read more about that here.

Obviously, this is only what you will do when you know your baby is not unwell in any way. If you are unsure of whether your baby is unwell, then check out this checklist on Baby Medical Questions and Answers - click here.

The reasons I think this lullaby works include the following:

  • baby's respond to the rhythmic sound
  • it helps the parent remain in the moment which creates a solid rather energy for your baby (rather than a scattered one)
  • it sets the intention that things are going to improve
  • the message is a positive one for both you and your baby
Come now my little baby. Let me take you in my arms
Let me gently rock you. See if that my wee one calms
Know that am I here for you in your time of distress
Let me be your soother, feel my warmth, my caress

I will breathe deeply and clear all my thoughts
Of past problems, of future shoulds and oughts
Know that for this time I give you all of me
It’s my way of expressing how much I love you, you see

And now as I gaze lovingly upon your tiny face
I see you are a perfect specimen of this human race
Your eyes, your nose, your mouth and your tiny chin
Let me tell you it warms my heart to take your beauty in

I am so very blessed to have you in my life
I will be here for you in good times and here for you in strife
I can’t wait to see you grow into who you really are
I know we will be connected whether you are close or far

So come now, my little baby, can I wipe away your tear
Let me be the rock you need, the stalwart of your care
Take whatever time you need, I’m not going anywhere
Tomorrow will be better, things are looking up from here
— MD Maud

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