Favorite Children's Books

So thank you for joining me as we wait

For  'The special and talented dog show' release date

I thought it might be good to share

Some of the children's stories that I hold dear


So let me tell you about a favorite book

A book for little ones to read and look

And to laugh while they listen to the song

'The Wonky Donkey' - you can't go wrong


And if you want your child to hear a tale

About telling lies and why that's a fail

Then why not try one by Hilaire Belloc

It's called 'Matilda', not so pretty in a frock


Another book that's great to read in bed

Is 'The Gruffalo' but it might make you scared

Maybe wait until the light of day

To enjoy the folks you meet along the way


And don't forget one of our family favs

(And I'm not the only one who raves)

About 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Or for that matter any other Dahl story


And if you have just a little tot

Just learning about books (and why not)

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'  is a great find

It has holes in the pages, you know the kind


And then of course, there's 'Hairy Maclary'

The one subtitled 'From Donaldon's Dairy'

I love the story and the colorful pictures

It makes my library's 'permanent fixtures'


And finally who could go past 

This classic book I've left to last

'The Cat in the Hat' has stood the test of time

I hope the same will be said of mine


by MD Maud

One of the beautiful images from "Flying Things" due out late 2015