Book coming soon

I'm really pleased to announce that 'The Special and Talented Dog Show' book is coming soon. We had initially predicted late 2015 as the publication date but at that time we were planning on just publishing on Amazon Kindle.

But, here is the really exciting news, we are still going to be publishing on Kindle as an ebook but we will also now also be publishing paperback copies. We are printing with CreateSpace and have just ordered the proofs and we'll be ready to go once they are finalised.

What that means is that the likely publication date is late January 2016, but you will have the option of either an ebook or an actual book. 

So, in anticipation, I am sharing one of my favourite pictures in the book - it's of Mr Patrice and his rather snooty dog, Mr P Oodle.

I love the attention to detail - Mr Patrice's cufflinks, his cravat and the shoe laces on his very pointy shoes. I also love  Mr P Oodle's attitude.

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In the meantime, wishing you a happy holiday season.